We contribute to the protection of water to help agriculture become a source of sustainable progress for all.

“Before, we used a thousand or two thousand litres of water. Today we only consume 300 litres for 8000 or 10,000 kilos of coffee.”
“It has helped us in the washing process, we no longer do it manually. The machine delivers the coffee washed with little water”.

“It has allowed me to greatly reduce the use of water. I only use a minimal quantity with the washing machine. In the same way, with the separation of green beans, I have improved the quality of my coffee ”.

“This technology is spending 0.2 litres of water per kilo of parchment coffee, contrary to what we used previously, which was 50 litres per kilo of coffee.”
“I feel very satisfied with the equipment because I have been able to work comfortably. In this area I know many farms where this brand is used. I am certain that it is widely used in this region”.

“Thanks to Penagos for the support and for the excellent quality equipment”.

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