We Travel the World Working Together with Farmers

We are technological allies of African farmers and coffee growers

For more than 60 years, our company has brought machinery specialized in coffee pulping to Africa, and has positioned itself among coffee growers who seek to reduce water consumption and maintain coffee quality from its harvest up to the cup.

In the cherry coffee pulping process, we completely eliminate the use of water, since our technologies do not require it. In the same way, we reduced its consumption for the demucilage process, going from 40 litres per kilo of cherry coffee in the traditional wash, to 0.2 litres per kilo of coffee thanks to our DELVA (Penagos coffee washer).

Communities that use Penagos Compact Eco-friendly Processing Units for coffee (UCBE) in Rwanda have increased their income by 79% thanks to the productivity that the equipment provides, saving water and preserving the quality of coffee in the cup.

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We are the technological ally of coffee cooperatives that improved their production, had access to international buyers and managed to improve the sustainability of their communities.

Today more than 300 cooperatives in Africa use Penagos technology for the wet processing of the coffee they grow and harvest within their fields.

The African female coffee growers dedicated to the cultivation, harvesting, pulping and drying of coffee are the main exponents of our machines, as they are in charge of their operation, their sense of environmental responsibility and their strength for work.

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Likewise, we are allies of large private companies that see in Penagos a profitable solution for processing their coffee. The well-known brands prefer us since, with Penagos, they obtain the productivity and profitability necessary to be competitive in the market. Learn more about the Processing Plants installed in Africa by clicking here.

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