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Our technologies for Arabica and Robusta coffee in the Asian market

The versatility of our equipment made coffee entrepreneurs from countries in Asia and Oceania set their sights on us. Robusta coffee, mostly produced on this continent, requires special treatment. At Penagos we are able to adapt to the needs of customers on these continents and offer them our technologies for Arabica and Robusta coffee.

In Papua New Guinea they chose Penagos for the wet processing of Arabica coffee. The technology they used, reduces water consumption and contamination while preserving the quality of the coffee in the cup. or coffee cup.

In Vietnam, one of the largest Arabica coffee producers in the country chose Penagos for the construction of a Coffee Processing Center with maximum water savings, since it´s not use it in the receipt and transport of the same, achieving the preservation of natural resources.

Indonesia is an island in Southeast Asia where high quality and medium acidity of Arabica coffee is found. It grows in the mountainous part of the province due to the fertility of its lands. Their cherry coffee is processed with our selective collection technology, which has allowed them to preserve the quality of their cup of coffee.

We are proud to have among our customers a coffee company that has positioned Arabica coffee from Thailand as one of the best in the world,  since 2007.

Similarly, one of the largest coffee groups in the world uses Penagos technology to process Robusta and Arabica coffee in India.

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