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BASC certification

March 19, 2020

The Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) organization is in charge of promoting and certifying safe international trade based on confidence in the export of articles to different countries that want to buy in Colombia.

The objectives of its regulation are to encourage a culture of safety and protection, establish and administer the management system in control and security of the logistics chain of each company, work in coordination with governments and organizations, promote strategic alliances, generate trust and credibility. between companies and governments, and strengthen cooperation between the private sector and the government.

On April 4, Penagos obtained said certification that allows us to have recognition, contact and trust from the authorities related to foreign trade, as well as a reduction in costs and risks derived from the control of its processes, the reduction of risks related to theft, smuggling, terrorism and other illegal activities.

The credibility of Penagos is very important and highly recognized internationally. Being certified in BASC gives our customers from other countries the peace of mind that their investment is being sent by a transparent company that meets international standards


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