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Penagos, the fifth most innovative company in Colombia

February 26, 2020
Somos penagos innovación, trayectoria y globalidad

Every year the Dinero magazine and the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia (ANDI) present to the country the Most Innovative Companies Ranking in which, for the second time in a row, our Company has been positioned among the first places.

“We are a medium-sized company and competing with the big ones is an impressive source of pride for us. We know that we are on the right track”, says Claudia Penagos, Corporate Relations Manager, upon learning of our fifth position in said ranking, in which a total of 329 companies from 15 departments participated.

The evaluation is carried out with a survey of 37 questions that involves three dimensions of each company: the conditions for the adoption of innovation, the capacities for innovation to evolve and remain within each company, and the results materialized in products or processes sold in the market.

“Innovation in Penagos seeks to continuously maximize the creation, delivery and capture of value to our clients, allowing our company to achieve the vision of becoming one of the main technology providers for tropical agribusiness in the world”, says José María Engel, General Manager of our Company.

Our innovation process in which there are already 14 Colombian patents and others granted internationally is part of the strategy that Penagos has designed to develop and promote creativity within the Company, which, together with the Research and Development center endorsed by Colciencias and the Optimization area, make innovation materialize in all business areas.


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