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After Sales Inquiries
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Below you will find a list of answers to the most common questions or problems with our equipment and what refers to them.
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You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 05:45 pm* writing an email to: servicioalcliente@penagos.com or the telephone number +57 3102897020 or the number +57 7 6469999 ext. 133
* Local time in Colombia (UTC -5).
Send us your information in Colombia to the email: grueda@penagos.com
In the rest of the world, please send it to: mcobos@penagos.com
The installation of a coffee mill or any Penagos machine is carried out according to the commercial conditions previously agreed with the Commercial Representative. If the installation has not been determined within the quote and subsequent invoice, it will not be carried out.

You can request a quote for the installation service (execution or installation advice) to the Service and After Sales team to the email: servicioalcliente@penagos.com or by calling +57 3102897020
Request: it is the right that everyone has to make any request through legal means for information and / or consultation purposes, and obtain prompt answers for them.

Complaint: it is when you want to express your dissatisfaction about the quality of the service you have received from Penagos.

Claim: dissatisfaction about the product purchased from Penagos, related to its operation, non-compliance with the technical specifications or any other dissatisfaction that can be claimed as per the warranty.

You can directly contact our Service and After Sales line (+57) 3102897020 or the number (+57) 7 6469999 ext.133.

You can send us your case to the email: servicioalcliente@penagos.com

In case you do not have the possibility to file your complaint, claim or request by the means mentioned above, please contact your Commercial Representative or your distributor for these cases.

You can find the warranty policy in the technical manual that is delivered at the time of purchasing the Penagos machine or by clicking here.
A warranty claim can be denied due to the following:

1. The time established to request the warranty of a Penagos machine has expired.
2. Due to improper use of Penagos machines by the customer.
3. By the decision of the technical expert taking into account the warranty policies for Penagos equipment.

* Check your warranty policy.
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