We Travel the World Working Together with Farmers

Agriculture and coffee have always been an important part of the progress of American countries.

For 60 years Penagos has understood the commitment to support the countryside of our continent, becoming the ally of coffee growers and farmers who seek to obtain profitable results, with environmentally friendly equipment and with the durability that this work demands.
The start in America was due to the excellent durability of the Penagos agricultural line. Grass Choppers were well received by farmers who were looking for strong and resistant tools, which, regardless of the time of use, always provided the same result.
Cooperatives such as Dos Pinos, in Costa Rica, market Penagos equipment for chopping grass, which are chosen by the ranchers that comprise it.
The total elimination of water consumption in pulping, the reduction in water consumption during the demucilage process and washing of fermented coffee, the decrease in mechanical damage to the bean and the decrease in power consumption in the wet coffee mill were the key points that allowed us to enter Central American markets with units of eco-friendly processing and in countries where coffee is an important part of agriculture.
La Guadalupana Reserve in Nicaragua, has a complete coffee mill  that integrates the Compact Eco-friendly Processing Unit, UCBE 2500, with pre-sorting and transport equipment for processing coffee in the region.

The versatility of our technologies means that coffee growers in countries such as Venezuela, Nicaragua and Peru see in Penagos the solution to improve productivity, thanks to the excellent separation of green beans that compact processing units offer them. Technologies such as the Green Beans Sorting and Pulping Machine (DCV) allow us to meet coffee growers from Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, where Processing Centers have beenl working for over 20 years.

Hawaii and Jamaica are two coffee producing islands where we have taken and transformed our Penagos technology, adapting them to the needs of coffee growers where the climate interferes with the durability of the equipment, so we build them with the usual resistance and the reliability they need.

Through the “Costa Rican Micro-mill Revolution” we installed 16 micro-mills with DCV technology (Green Beans Sorting and Pulping Machine) that produce a thousand bags of coffee each.

The Pulping and Sorting Unit (UDC) gave customers, cooperatives and associations the possibility to process high quality coffees, since it separates green and defective beans and delivers a cleaner bean thanks to the screening machine included in the unit, which has allowed them to improve the quality of specialty coffees.

Our vision of the coffee market led us to create our own machinery manufacturing plant in Brazil, in order to satisfy the needs of the clients of the world’s largest coffee producer. For more information on equipment only in Brazil click here.

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