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April 3, 2020

Penagos presents its new PR-14 Waste Chopper specially designed to chop soft vegetable waste on farms or markets. It offers the option of chopping forages, crushing cocoa pods, carrots, potatoes, pieces of cassava, other tubers, fruits and similar materials. It is an excellent shredder of chicken manure.

To make this powerful equipment, we combine our engineering with the most resistant materials to create an equipment capable of processing between 3,000 to 4,000 kilos of material in one hour. It has three movable blades and a counter blade, as well as 6 ripping combs that reduce the volume of vegetable waste.

Its operation is very simple. It only requires a 5-7.5 HP electric motor at 1750 rpm or a 13 HP gasoline motor. It has a large feed hopper for large amounts of material that can be entered by hand or with a shovel.

As an addition to this machine we have decided to include two accessories to make it easier to transport on different types of terrain: two tires and a handlebar adaptable to the structure of the PR-14. You can request them with your distributor or sales representative.

The equipment has a deflector to direct the trajectory of the crushed material, which will allow you to agglomerate the crushed material in a single space. For Penagos the safety of the person who operates the machine is very important. For this reason, the belt protector provides the specialized confidence that our brand can provide, in addition to protecting the motor by preventing particles generated in the crushing process from affecting its performance and duration.

Our machinery has all the elements you need to make agricultural work easier, more practical and safer. The PR-14 is the chopper that integrates our experience and technology of a lifetime, for a lifetime.

Learn more about the technical features of the PR-14 Waste Chopper here


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